My earliest memory (Daily Challenge)

My earliest memory was of when I was about 3 or 4 years old I think.  I slept in  the bedroom of a house that I am assuming I lived in.  It was a small room with pink walls and the bedroom door was shut.  There was a white dresser with a lamp that had dim light coming from it.  I was in my bed, covered up and it was quiet.  Alone in my room, and feeling afraid of the dark, the covers started to move from the end of the bed.  I was terrified and could not move, could not breathe and could not even scream.  Something was pulling at the covers.  I was so afraid that this was the thing was was tormenting me at night.  The Hand.  I don’t understand it  to this day, and my brother swears that he had the same thing happen to him.  Mom always told me that it was the cat, or that I  just dreamed the whole thing.

I was always afraid to be alone in the dark after that.  I still remember the fear I had that night, and many nights like it. Of this thing pulling down the blankets, hiding under my bed, grabbing my leg.  I woke up in the morning and the pink furry teddy bear I slept with was moved off the bed, over by the door.   Again I was told it was a dream. That I moved the bear myself.  Sleepwalking! No one ever could explain this thing that terrorized my brother and I in the night.  One night I woke up and was being choked.

My mother always wondered if this thing that my brother and I suffered from had been our drunken, abusive father that was terrorizing us.  I never remember seeing anyone though.  No person, no form of a body.  Just a hand.  Always when i was in my bed at night.  It would not leave us alone.

I know this will probably sound silly but for a long time I was even afraid of the Hamburger Helper Hand on commercials.  My brother and I went to counseling. Neither one of us told the other before of what we saw, but we both drew our “fear” for the doctor….and we both drew a hand.


This was my first daily challenge, and I guess I was supposed to provide a link to the page?  Hope I did it right.

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