Added – A dash of humor to my day!

feetToday was chock full of appointments.  I got dressed up, put on my high heels and ventured out.  I’m from the boonies, and where I live there is not as much traffic as where I was headed.  There are also no one way streets and parking garages.

Yes..the fun was just beginning.  Around and around and around I drove, literally! My GPS said take the next right over and over as I tried to reach my destination, and apparently kept passing it. I didn’t see the building I was looking for, nor did I see the parking lot that was supposed to be next to it.  I opted for a parking garage in the general area of my destination.  I drove in, and asked the attendant if I could park there, or if it was only for Hotel visitors as it was attached to a hotel.  He told me to go ahead, and down under the building…eek..creepy! So I did, and it was cramped to say the least down there.

The elevator sign said “Hotel Lobby”, so I hesitated, and asked a man getting off the elevator how to get to Main Street, that I was not going to the hotel.  He assured me to go up to the Hotel Lobby and then exit to Main.

This was NOT the day to wear heels! I walked all the way down main street…no 1331 Main.  I walked back the other way and decided to call the office I was looking for.  I was already 10 min’s late and my feet were blistered in my damn heels.

I had to cross a very busy street, walking like a penguin…or maybe a duck..I don’t know, but my feet hurt so bad I must have looked like a fool.  I looked around and finally found a small door in the back of a building…again..eek!

It was nice inside however, and I apologized for being late as I was out of breath and covered in sweat.  Great first appearance.  I told the woman that I would probably walk back barefoot until she advised me not too, that someone she knew that always walked barefoot had the flesh eating bacteria disease thingy!!  WHAT? Oh Lord!

I hobbled down the street and back down to the parking garage.  I found my way out and took literally FOREVER to figure out how to pay at the machine.  I couldn’t find the spot for my debit card, and when I fished out a $20 bill the poor attendant said, “Give me that and I’ll give you change or you’ll get almost $20 back in coins…yeah, that would go over well with the cars behind me!

Out of the lot I drove, glad to be going the right way on the one way street.  Out to the rotary I drove around it 3 whole times trying to figure out how and where to exit…geez.

I headed to another meeting in another town I was not familiar with and when that was finally done I got on the highway heading in the wrong direction…damn GPS! It’s the GPS’s fault you know! Seriously.

I can’t see well at night anyway and to make matters worse It started to rain, I was almost out of gas and it was 9pm and I had not eaten all day.

I finally made it home and felt like collapsing to the floor from my adventure and blistered feet.  I could have screamed and blown off the meetings, but I laughed and thought to myself, geez you might think this was my first time in the big city! I wonder how many people looked at me and, is she for real?  Hahahaha, at least I can laugh at myself.  Right?

So now I”m happy to be back, literally in my own neck of the woods.

Damn GPS!




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