Walking_on_a_Lonely_Road_by_haze717Life Changes…Ready or Not….
Three years ago I left my husband of 14 years.  Our marriage was great for about 10 years, and for numerous reasons I could no longer remain married to this man I didn’t recognize anymore.
We had two children, and my husband worked full time, and for many years I stayed home to raise my kids.  Then things changed and roles reversed.  No longer was my husband working, and I had to work full time and take care of the kids.  When I left him there were so many things I didn’t know how to do, things he had always taken care of.  It was a scary time even though deep down I knew I’d be okay because I am strong.
I started this blog to share the amazing and scary journey I began when I arrived at this crossroad in my life.  My heartache, hopes, dreams, failures and successes.  I battled depression and had many highs and low’s. I’ve overcome obstacles I never knew I had the strength to battle.  My journey has been about strength, courage, dedication and self discovery.
There were so many things I took for granted would be done because I was married and my husband did all of this. From putting a blade on a lawnmower, to fixing a leaking garden hose, or starting the campfire and and putting up the Christmas Tree. Maybe you can relate, perhaps you had to learn how to vacuum your pool, or change the oil in your car. I have many funny stories that I think back on and when I laugh It gives me courage to keep going, knowing I made it through.
One thing I’ve learned along the way is that I’m not alone.  So I’d like to share my stories, advice, and dreams and I hope you will too.

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