My Kids


My little Rocker!

My little Rocker!

The Hilarious Things My Kid Says….

  • Age 4: The cat scratched Jake’s neck and he grabbed his throat and said “ouch, now my food hole hurts”.
  • On a long car ride the kids would not stop talking. I told them to play a game of who could be quiet the longest, so they were quiet for a few minutes until Alicia screamed “He pulled my hair”.  Jacob grinned and proudly stated, “You talked, you lose”.
  • Age 7: Playing T-Ball Jake yells over from 3rd base “Hey mom, I forgot one sock today..huh”. Wow, how do you forget to put one sock on?
  • I made a bag of microwave popcorn and while Jake was eating it he said very seriously, “Hey mom, you did a really great job on this popcorn, it’s not black”, and he kept eating…
  • When he was 4 he took his sisters fish out of her tank and hid it in a sock in his bedroom….Needless to say the fish was dead and his sister was quite angry 😦
  • snapped at my son, one morning and he said “mom, are you barry pissed”
  • Jake went pee on the dog out back, and when I asked why he did it he said, “she likes playing in water, and pee is like water”…omg!!!
  • just started to fall asleep on the couch, until I felt something touching my bangs and opened my eyes and it was my son holding them with the scissors ready to cut my damn hair……
  • my cat was being naughty so I gave her a squirt with the water bottle… so when Jake was being naughty  I told him he’d better start listening. He replied, “mommy maybe you should start squirting me with water when I don’t listen”.
  • Jacob is having a great time at camp. They asked everyone to say their name and something about themselves. I asked what he told everyone and he said ” I said I’m Jacob and I like bacon”
  • Just made pizza for the kids. Alicia got seconds while Jake was still eating. she told him he could have the rest. He got up and ran over to the stove and then came back to the table. I asked what he was doing and he said ” well, Alicia said the rest was for me, but in case she changed her mind I already licked all the other pieces that were left”!
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