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-Childlike Elderly Woman-

I had to laugh last week when I was working with the elderly woman I work for, that is paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  Most days, it’s comical, because she is like taking care of a toddler.  This day however, she was more like a teen going out with her friends…but imagine this…Here she is in a wheelchair, paralyzed after a stoke, and her companions for an outing to a “clock store”  with  another elderly couple.  I just shook my head when I saw the gentleman that was going to be doing the driving, some walking out with his cane holding his oxygen bottle, and his wife was trying to get into the car with her walker.  Now I just watched and thought to myself, how the hell are the three of them going out for the afternoon.   Like the blind leading the blind.

Of course the clock store was closed, and the trip was rescheduled…with me! She asked me today if I wanted to go for a ride to the store.  I said, yeah sure. Just get me the address and I’ll find it (it’s in another town). So she calls her “friends” and asks if they want to go out tomorrow, that Tawnya’s gonna drive us! Jesus!! Lord help me.  I told her we should probably go by ourselves because we also need to grocery shop (she is a pain in the butt to shop with) and she said it’s okay, they might need to get groceries too! SERIOUSLY?? UGH! I’m not taking 3 disabled people to the grocery store.  I hate when she volunteers me for things.

The last time we went shopping, it was about 98degrees outside and humid.  She rides around in her chair, while I run around getting her things and showing her things she wants to look at.  And boy can she shop…loves clothes UGH! So she says, I’m thirsty.  I buy her a water and put it in the car as I try to load her, her wheelchair, groceries and myself.  She says “where is my water, I’m thirsty”.  I told her I put it next to her and I will open it when I get the groceries in.  She yells, Come on and hurry up, I’m getting dehydrated”.  I was losing my patients and asked her why she would be dehydrated when all she does is sit there and I do the work.  Again, she said, where is my water, I can’t find it…grrr…hold your friggin horses!

So bringing the three of them out tomorrow will be a real treat.  I think I’ll need something stronger than water when I get home.